Unknown Bottle Caps

Please help me identifying these caps! I want to know the country of origin, the brewery and the beer brand. I'm also thankful if you correct any mistakes in the collection list or provide information where I have now blanks or question marks. My mail address is beercap@gmx.net.
ImageNr.Origin ImageNr.Origin
238South Africa 252Hlucínský? (Czech Republic)
253Germany 254USA
262Italy 272Finland
283Czech Republic 285Czech Republic
291Czech Republic
296Chile 298Chile
302Italy? Martens, Belgium? 303Italy
316Estonia 325Peru
343Cambodia 355USA
358Ethiopia? 367USA
376France 379Turkey
381Czech Republic? Slovakia? 389Ecuador
390Nigeria 391Nigeria, Sierra Leone, or Ghana
392Nigeria 394Senegal
405Bulgaria 412Sierra Leone or Ghana
415France 419France
422Germany? 423Germany?
427Czech Republic 428Czech Republic
429Czech Republic 430Denmark
449Sweden 452Sweden
454Sweden 463Sweden
464Sweden 468Cuba? Mexico?
472Japan 475USA?
477USA? 486Germany
487Germany 490Germany
493Germany 494Germany
498Russia 499Czech Republic
500Czech Republic 501Czech Republic
503Spain? 504Denmark?
505USA? Russia? 507Spain?
508Spain? 510Denmark
511Spain? 512Spain?
514Netherlands 516Italy
517Italy 518Italy
519Italy 520USA
521Czech Republic? 522Poland?
524Lithuania 525Latvia
526Russia 527Krakonoskoie? (Poland)
528Krakonoskoie? (Poland) 529Poland
530Poland 531Poland
532Poland 533Poland

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