Marcel's Swiss Chocolate Wrapper Collection

The collection

Some day, I stopped throwing away the wrappers after eating chocolate. Instead, I took them off very carefully without ripping or crumbling them and put them into an album. So, I have now a collection of over 1000 chocolate wrappers. You can see some of them in my wrapper gallery. But I don't have enough time or disk space to scan them all.

I'm collecting only wrappers that are made of paper and I prefer the wrappers from chocoate bars of about 100 g (3˝ oz).

Chocolate companies

My collection consists mainly of Swiss wrappers. For me "Swiss chocolate" means:
  1. Chocolate produced and sold in Switzerland
  2. Chocolate produced in Switzerland, with special wrappers for export.
  3. A Swiss brand, produced under license in a foreign country.
  4. Chocolate produced by a Swiss company in a foreign country.
  5. Chocolate produced by a foreign company that is owned by a Swiss company.
For details, see the list of all Swiss chocolate companies.


If you happen to be a collector of chocolate wrappers, too, or if you want to trade wrappers for coins, beer mats, beer bottle caps, or beer labels, please mail to: chocollect(at)gmx(dot)ch (the punctuation is spelled out in order to prevent spam).


I'm editor of the Open Directory Project category for candy wrappers. You can submit your chocolate wrapper links there, and I will review and add them.
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Last update: Nov 24 2002