Frequently Asked Questions

Which kind of beer mats do you collect?

I collect any beer mat from the entire world, as long as it has the name or the logo of a brewery or a beer on it. I want one piece of each mat in my collection, but I also keep doubles for trading. I started collecting in 1993 and I have about 1200 mats now.

How do you store your mats?

My mats are stored in transparent plastic folders, so I can look at them from both sides. The size of the folders is A4, so about four round mats or six square ones fit on a page. The collection is ordered by brewery and by country. At the moment, they are filling nine large organizers on my bookshelf.

Do you buy mats?

No, I only trade them for others. Ok, if I would really need a mat and if I could see it first, I would also buy it, but this applies only to Swiss mats.


Last update: Jul 18 1998 by Marcel Zumstein